Friday, May 12, 2006

A New Venture Decision

There is only one thing which is sold in this world : DREAMS. Some try to sell good dreams other BAD Dreams(FEAR).

Its hard to sell Good dreams but FEARS are easily sold. Good dreams require somethings to realised which generates different level of interests in different people. But past experience of uncertainties, FEAR doesn't require much selling, people directly associate the FEAR with something with the PAST experience.

I often wonder how should one decide how should entrepreneur  make decision of new ventures?

If one  try to find out  whats the output of this new venture : Good dreams or Fear, it would be easier for him to estimate and plan accordingly. I guess that is the reason Insurance sector is booming and not so many people are interested in settling down in other Planets.

The other parameters which i think one should consider when deciding to launch a product.
  1. Chaos Factor
  2. Pain Intensity
  3. Comfort desirability
  4. Competition

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