Wednesday, May 17, 2006

World Beyond

Let me narrate a scenario before I put forward my views.

In a jungle of infinitely long disjoint pipes and tunnels, there used to be many colonies of different creatures. The used to travel all across those pipes all their life. This pipe was all their world. One fine day somehow someone got and idea and said this to its fellow members that there is another world beyond this pipe. There exist another pipe just next to this. Everyone laughed. It was declared MAD and imprisoned. None was able to digest this idea.

In another scenario, the creature can move and visualise things in two dimensional plane and one of them proposed the idea of three dimension. Guess what? Same FATE with it also.

Now in our three dimensional world, where we live today the same things are observed every now and then when someone talk about  time-machine, time travel, space folding, tele-transportation etc

Its not easy to digest new ideas which we can't perceive with our senses. The tools which we develop are also limited to our senses perception.

Just because of our limitation of perception we can't not argue for non-existence of the world beyond but at the same time we just can't accept any such ideas though. I guess that's where the HEART rules over your MIND.

Things which we can't explain, even to ourselves, are in existence mostly because of our believes.

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